Welcome to V-Season 2021. V is for Voices

The V-Day global activist movement to end violence against all women (cisgender and transgender), those who hold fluid identities, nonbinary people, girls and the planet is more active than ever. Activists globally produce art for social change, activating their communities & colleges and raising crucial funds for survivors by supporting rape crisis centers & domestic violence shelters, local programs for transgender youth at risk of sexual violence, incarcerated women, & immigrant women and girls, just to name a few. Rising in Solidarity, One Billion Rising, activists take their actions out of the theater and into the streets. And the revolutionary leadership work at City of Joy continues to thrive, with over 1470 graduates to date.

The Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on communities of color around the world and the uprising for racial justice in the United States and across the globe has shown that as a movement we must build on our years of work of amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and creating spaces for them to be seen and heard to do even more to center the voices of artists and activists who have for too long been pushed to the margins.

This is a moment of reckoning and it is clear to us that the voices of Black women artists need to take center stage in a sustained and focused way. For this reason, The Vagina Monologues will be taking its bow and exiting from the V-Day campaigns. It will of course remain a play, but it will no longer be done as part of V-Day*. Instead, we are thrilled to announce the VOICES campaign. In this inaugural year, VOICES will create a new piece curated by the magnificent poet and organizer Aja Monet, who will be reaching out to Black women across the planet, inviting submissions of poems, monologues, and songs that will be assembled into a V-Day performance piece anticipated Fall 2021, at which point we will share it with you.

Following are the 2020/2021 season offerings:
RAISE THE VIBRATION: Produce a V-Day Benefit of Raise The Vibration as an Artistic Uprising at your college/university, in your community. Registration for V-Day benefit performances are now open for the 2021 season (1 February - 8 March).
City of Joy: Turn Pain to PowerScreen the Documentary, Support the Women in DR Congo
One Billion RisingRISING GARDENS campaign. There are many ways to RISE, and many activists stage Rising events in addition to their V-Day benefit events.
NEW! Voices Campaign – New piece coming Fall 2021. In the meantime, join the conversation.

SPOTLIGHT UPDATE: There will NOT be a specific spotlight campaign in 2021. Instead, we ask that activists donate 100% of your proceeds to a group or groups in your community who are doing anti-violence work at rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters, groups working with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women, with refugee women, and with women affected by climate catastrophe.

Questions? Please contact campaigns(at)vday.org

*If you would like to purchase rights to host a production of The Vagina Monologues, please visit eveensler.org/plays/the-vagina-monologues/

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