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Whether you are new to City of Joy, V-Day, and One Billion Rising, or have been with us in the movement since its inception, know that you are joining a network of activists who will be viewing the film and hosting screenings and house parties around the world to celebrate the work of City of Joy, honoring the women leaders of the Congo and the over 1472 women who have graduated from the City of Joy, joining together in a network of love and revolution, Turning Pain to Power.

Host a screening of the Netflix Original film CITY OF JOY at your college or community

Screen the City of Joy documentary which tells the story of the first class of women at City of Joy, and chronicles the process by which such a transformational place came to be, from its origins with the women survivors themselves, to the opening of the center's doors. Watch the Film, Host a House Party or Screening & Spread the Word.

We believe that EVERYONE should see this film, as it demonstrates a guiding principle of the V-Day movement – that pain can be turned to power, and can fuel inner and societal revolution.
If you host a screening in your college or community, please let us know by filling out this form.

There is no application approval or additional reporting needed, but you MUST follow the
Netflix guidelines detailed here.

To read more about the documentary film, access the Screening Guide and more, visit:

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